Community Art Projects:
Art class infused with purpose; to benefit your group, made for an event auction, or to give as a gift. Create it forward.

Art and Journaling:
Using paint, drawing, stamping and transfer techniques, create pages that are beautiful backdrops for the journaling of your life. A
wrapped-bound book will be created to hold the pages. Writing prompts will be given to get you started.

Juicy Color, Juicy Life!
Using journaling as a tool, conger up hidden dreams and surround them with color. You will end up with four small paintings
showing your dream symbolism. Hang the art and watch what happens!

Creative Sparks for Working Class Stiffs:
Are you stuck in an office all day and need to get out? If you are in need of a guided art experience, this class is for you. Awards and
recognition are guaranteed! Your boss is not here.

Shine on and Glow, Girl!
Create a one of a kind necklace using silk thread, beads, and talismans you bring to class. It will hold special meaning and make you
shine each time you wear it out on the town.

Zen Garden-Rock it!
Create a peaceful painting inspired by gardens of the Zen masters, with a punch of color.

Intuitive Painting:
Using fluid acrylic on canvas we will allow a painting to emerge. This is a class to allow practice of letting go and allowing art to come
forth on it’s own. We will used guided imagery to inspire our work.

Dress in Layers:
Learn to add depth and dimension by layering drawing, painting, writing, and texture. Top it off with a focal image to make a

Body Casting Sculpture:
With a partner, create a transparent cast of a select part of yourself. These can be abstracted or literal representations of form, and can
be adorned and illuminated.

Let It Go to Your Head:
Using a three dimensional head form, create a part of your personality that is waiting to get out. Adornments can be paint, fabric,
drawing, flowers, sand…the sky is the limit.

Body Mapping:
Tracing your own body’s form, create an artwork that will connect your heart, your mind, and your hand using your body as a guide.
This can be done in wet or dry media.
Centering with the Mandala:
Using nature, music, or personal symbols as inspiration, create a Mandala using colored pencils with new techniques learned in class.
The word mandala means to “focus on the center” or “circle”.

Infuse Art into Everyday Life:
A series of classes will lead you with small steps from journaling and playing with art materials, to a personalized final project chosen
by you. It's like art camp for grown-ups!

Color and Texture Techniques with Colored Pencil:
Learn a few techniques to add texture and shading in your pencil drawings, leaving the black pencil out of the equation.

Below are some past (and current!) class topics & themes.
These workshops are intended to help you explore creativity
at any skill level. Have something you're dying to explore?
Contact me & let's talk!
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