About the Artist
Authentic, visual story telling from this momentís point of view. It is the story of life lessons and documenting them as they happen. It is putting
oneself out in the open to be seen clearly in any media you desire.
To express myself in this experience of being alive. I want to express my inner landscape, my life lessons, expansive moments, and my
connection to others. I do this with my original art.

To express, in a visual way, the stories of others. I want to give creative voice for those who wish me to. I do this with creating
commission pieces and installation projects.

To aid others in learning ways to express themselves, to know themselves, and feel confident. I want to give the gift of connectedness to
each person, and to connect with them. I do this through workshops and classes.

To give myself the gift of solitude for writing, exploring and creating. This is my most powerful tool as an artist and a human being. This
is where I check in with myself, and find connectivity and growth. I do this through weekly Artist Dates.

To strive to learn more to better my creative skills and my spiritual connection. I do this by attending workshops, communing with
other artists, and engaging in spiritual practice.