Sharing the same energy with my original art, commission projects are artworks designed for your purpose, and your space. I like to
Play-It-Forward with services like these:

Community Art Projects
Works of art infused with content to benefit your mission. The project may involve several participants tied together as one project, or
a piece made for a community space. Beauty begets more beauty. Let me know how I can help.

Commemorative Art
Honor and celebrating events, memories, or a loved one can be accomplished with art. It helps you remember each time you walk by.
I can create small pieces meant for only you in a frame, or fill an entire wall with canvas. Dream.

Live Painting
Art unfolds right before a live audience. This is great for weddings, auction events, or concerts. We can dream up content together, yet
remain a surprise to the group. There is a special connection to art that we see unfold before us.

Interior Art
Making art just for you tickles me pink! Tailored art made for a space you have to fill is something we can dream up together. Your
home should be filled with art that greets you upon arrival. It is my pleasure to help you with that.

Original works in acrylic/mixed media are accomplished by working with a photograph to capture the essence of the person. Colors
can be realistic or abstracted for a style you want in your space.

Creating art for others tickles me pink!

Pricing for custom art projects can be determined by complexity
and duration of the project. Please contact me to discuss your
ideas. My post-it notes are on standby!

Email: jjbequette (at)

Phone: 402-397-2730
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