Jacqueline Bequette is a Nebraska artist full of joy and whimsy while
expressing art with deep and authentic content. Her art tells stories of
her internal landscape and the expansive moments experienced simply
by paying attention. She believes that this life experience is custom
built with lessons we each need to learn for our personal development.
All we need is awareness.

With a playful attitude, she explores themes of positivity, humor,
growth and connectedness. She feels strongly that if we know
ourselves authentically and vulnerably, we can become expansive.
When we are connected, we can connect to others. When we are
connected to others, we are connecting the Whole. Art is Jacqueline’s
way to that self-connection, and spreads art to others with a Create-it-
Forward attitude.

Jacqueline creates orginal art, fosters art that communicates for
others with commissions and installations, and spreads her message
“Art is for Everyone” with workshop facilitation throughout the
Omaha/Metro area.

Her formal background includes dual degrees in Studio Arts and Art
Education. She has over a decade of teaching experience infused with
the passion of creating meaningful work. She has worked with 20+
entities in the Omaha Metro area as an artist/mentor/instructor. Each
project is custom to the client.

About the Artist